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We have been working in the music and media industry for around 18 years, you could say that we were born out of the dance music scene in the early 90’s.

Maybe you will be surprised to hear that AGR actually started life in label management and distribution, in fact in the early years we were one of the biggest independent distributors of dance music in the UK, it was here that we learned (the hard way) of the many pitfalls of manufacturing products.

As word spread of our willingness to please and our reputation grew, more and more labels wanted us to manufacture their products for them. AGR Manufacturing was cool and at the very heart of manufacturing releases for so many UK and European labels, to be honest we absolutely loved being at the cutting edge of the independent revolution.

Throughout all these years we have never seen the need to change our company beliefs. We have always been independent and always will be, we do not advertise ourselves as a corporate brand because it's simply not what we are about, we are a small team that work in tandem to help you create fantastic products at competitive rates, we offer to you our experience and knowledge in creating products that look and sound beautiful just as you would expect.

We have been very privileged over the years to work with so many artists, bands and labels, some making Number 1 in the national charts, others being world respected artists in their genre. We are very thankful to be acknowledged throughout the industry as a competent, professional but most of all friendly company, we go beyond the call of duty to find solutions for every project and very much look forward to producing many more releases for years and years to come.

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