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Vinyl Specs and Templates

We recommend you use our templates, pay attention to the detail and ask any questions before producing artwork. Most delays in record production are due to issues with artwork, not audio.

All print is done direct to plate, also known as CTP. The only films that need to be made these days are for cd onbodies. Ideally we like clients to supply their artwork in press ready pdf files made from our templates, but we can also accept quark xpress, illustrator, indesign or photoshop files.

Ideally produce postscript files from your application and then create your pdf with acrobat distiller.

PDF Check.£20 for a standard LP or CD, £40 for anything other than standard.
1. If you supply press ready pdfs these will be checked for colour mode, bleed and spec, bar code colour mode, and other usual errors.
2. If small errors are found then these will be fixed as part of the initial fee.
3. If we find a larger problem then we will let you know and you can decide to correct and resupply or we can correct. If you choose to resubmit then there will be a charge of £15 each time. For us to correct your artwork there will be a charge of £20 per hour.

Straight to Press
If you are confident your files are correct and you do not require us to do any checks then we can send the files direct to the printer. They will do their normal preflight checks. If your files are incorrect and are caught before printing then you will be asked to either resupply new artwork or approve  to go ahead. Each time you resubmit new artwork there will be a charge of £20.  It is important you realise that any issues with print other than production faults will be your responsibility.

PDF Production
We can produce press ready pdfs from your supplied native Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, or Indesign files. You will be sent a pdf proof to sign off before we proceed with printing.
We will charge a minimum of £20 to do this, and £35 per hour after the first half an hour.

We can supply you with templates for other formats too so please email or call for these.


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